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Wicked Beats: Jamaican Ska Rocksteady & Reggae Drumming

Series: DVD
Publisher: Hudson Music
Format: Softcover with Online Media Access
Author: Gil Sharone

Gil Sharone's Wicked Beats is a complete guide to the Jamaican drumming styles of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae. Gil Sharone takes you on a musical journey through these styles and explores some of the earlier styles that helped shape them including African Nyabingi and Burru drumming.

Gil introduces and demonstrates classic riddims that are essential for achieving an authentic sound. With instructional breakdowns, stellar performances, detailed eBook and in-depth commentary, you will be able to fully grasp what these highly influential styles have to offer and apply them to your own playing!

Special appearances by: Reggae historian Roger Steffens - Jamaican drumming pioneer Lloyd Knibb of The Skatalites - Reggae drumming legend Carlton Santa Davis - Adrian Young from No Doubt.

Also includes: over 11 performances - classic beats and variations of each style - segment on achieving the right sound - detailed transcriptions.

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Size: 12"  x  9"
Pages: 120