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Rock House Bass Guitar Master Edition Complete
Beginner - Advanced

Series: Rock House
Format: Softcover with Online Media Access
Includes Guitar Tab
Author: John McCarthy

Designed by John McCarthy, this Master Edition combines all levels of this award-winning series in a complete course! Learn the essential techniques needed to play all genres of music. Start with how to hold the bass for comfortable playing and fast, effective learning. Next, learn rhythm, timing, basic bass lines and how to play along with a drummer. Learn 3rds, 5ths and octaves and how to apply them in a song. Plucking techniques including slap and pop and using a pick are covered in depth. Next, learn scales from minor pentatonic to full major scales as you play them in patterns across the neck and apply them to form bass lines and write songs. All genres of music are covered from blues to rock and from jazz to metal. Learn walking bass lines, drop D tuning and syncopated bass lines and apply them over full band backing tracks to get the sensation of playing in your own band. From theory to complete songs everything you need to MASTER BASS GUITAR!

Download audio backing tracks and demonstrations that correspond with each lesson in the book. Hear each lesson played slowly and at regular speed. Play songs and bass lines over full band backing tracks to get the sensation of playing in a band! Register using the member number inside the past page of the book. Book also includes bonus video lessons.

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Size: 12"  x  9"
Pages: 152